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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Your Freedom Hack To Unlimited Free Internet

Download your Freedom, click here to download
Let's go to this post hacking tricks. At first unroot will show the hacking tricks of the mobile, then the root mobile.
Take a look now, whether you have free net with Your Freedom?

Anirut mobile hacking system
First click here to download App Cloner Premium.
Or, click here to download App Cloner. 

Then open the App Cloner or App Cloner Premium app.

Click "Your Freedom". Go down a bit and click on "Privacy options". Click on "Change Android ID".

Mark "Change Android ID" and mark "Generate new random id during each cloning process" and mark it. Then press "OK". Click on OK by clicking Back. Click "CONTINUE". Click "Ok". Now the app will be cloning. Click "INSTALL APP". Then install the app.

If you have installed, then you can set your free net by setting. It will be limited to 60 minutes in one day. So when it finishes its limit, it removes the cloned app and, according to the above rule, your Freedom "clone the app. Keep running Unlimited in this way.
First download the Device ID Changer app by clicking here .
Then clear your Freedom app's data. Open the Device ID Changer app. Root permissions "Allow". Click "Random". Now Device ID will be changed. Press "OK".

Then open your Freedom VPNet and keep running the net. When the limit is reached, then work by clearing the data according to the above rule. And Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 

On top of the routes of both root and unroot, we have shown the method. In addition to this, unroot Mobile users will also get the opportunity to run Unlimited Free Net along with root mobile.

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