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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What Is GeniusTuner And What About This Website?

GeniusTuner is the name of domain, Also you can tell it as: Genius is the name of Tuner. Now question is that: What do you mean tuner? and Answer is: Every author are tuner. I mean: if you are a GeniusTuner.Com team member then you are a Tuner.

Every user are Tuner but every user are not Genius Tuner. Genius Users/Tuners will be get website good features and good earning method from us.

We are updating our website on dedicated server. We are still working on new forum script. When we complete our forum script design and develop, we will run this script on new server.

So Please Wait For Our New Server - GeniusTuner.Com

____ Thank You Very much :)

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