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Sunday, July 19, 2020

What is the essence of Freelancer?

Making freelancers is becoming an increasingly popular trend throughout the world. In the United States, where freelancers grow most rapidly, more than 40 million workers leave their full-time job at work. What is Freelancer? - Who can do freelancer and job opportunity for freelancer Vietnam 2016?
Every freelancer is a boss of himself.
What is the essence of Freelancer
By definition, a freelancer is paid to perform tasks for project owners / clients, temporary employers for a certain period of time. They are the ones who sell their services to the highest bidder and can work for multiple tenants at the same time. 

Freelancers have two types: part-time or full-time. Unlike an employee, the freelancer is allowed to work for multiple employers at once and perform tasks in their own way, as long as the job is progressing according to the customer specifications. There are also freelancers who work for a client in the long run. They may receive special benefits from their customers or not.
Work from home - Why not?
Hiring a freelancer is one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective ways to start your own business. Many freelance job sites allow project owners to post jobs and freelancers are free to bid to complete the job.
What opportunities for Freelancer Vietnam
A common misconception is that freelancers are free or similar people. That's not right. In fact, freelancers have a lot of experience in their field, the more likely they are to ask the project owner to pay a higher price.
The boss wants to control where the work is done, when and how it is the only way to hire employees to work for them in the long run. Unlike hiring an employee, the project owner does not have to pay any of the following costs to the freelancer: income tax, health insurance, social insurance or unemployment benefits.
Hiring a freelancer is a cost effective way for businesses.
More and more businesses prefer to hire freelancers to do the work for them because it saves money and does not require a long-term commitment to the freelancer. On the freelancers side, they will meet the projector's hiring needs, and look for other freelancers to maintain their income. 

To understand what Freelancer is - See a statistic. There are nearly 80,000 freelancers working on this site with a variety of skills and professional experience. Of these, about 38,000 freelancers are involved in IT and programming , nearly 17,000 freelancers are involved in the design, graphics and about 11,000 freelancers who write and translate . In addition, there are also nearly 6,000 jobs on this website. The freelance project is posted at different sizes and properties and is worth over VND 30 billion.
Businesses can use the freelance skills available without training.
It can be said that this is a very potential source of employment for Vietnamese workers, helping them to make the most of their time, using the right expertise to find more jobs and earn more for themselves. What about you, what do you do as a freelancer and look forward to finding freelance work?

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