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Sunday, July 19, 2020

What is Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted acccount? What is the difference between?

Assalamu Alaikum 
There are many who are involved in Google Adsense. 
There are many who have heard of the name of Adsense. 
But many people do not know that the Adsense account is two types. 

A hosted and a non-hosted. 

First talk about Adsense hosted account.

See, this is my hosted account. 
Adsense account opened in Google's own product such as YouTube, Adobe, Blogger, etc. is the Adsense hosted account. 
It is quite easy to get this kind of Adsense Account open or aprovolal. 
Especially in the case of adobe. 
Hosted account is not a complete account. 

What is Adsense Non Hosted Account? 
Adsense non-hosted account is available on your web site through Adsense Approval. For example trikabidi
Adsense account ekti full account is hosted. 
Adsense hosted account is not as easy to get as much as available to non-hosted. 
In the next post, InshaAllah will discuss the rules for transforming the facility of non-hosted accounts and hosted account.

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