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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Unlock, Root and Recovery settings for the HTC One simply with the All-in-one Toolkit

HTC one
One of the biggest concerns of technology lovers these days is the HTC One's upcoming super-product. Not only more powerful, more advanced features than the previous version, this super product also owns a great design.
Although at the end of March HTC started distributing its super-products, developers have found ways to unlock, root and install Recovery for this phone. However, in order to perform these tasks, it is imperative for the user to go through many stages and many different software are at risk for the device. There is an easier way to do all of this with just one software, which is the All-in-one toolkit for the HTC One.
HTC One (M7) All-in-one toolkit developed by hasuna2000 on XDA. Includes all important tools needed for this phone user such as installing drivers, unlocking bootloaders, rooting, installing Recoveries, installing Roms and more.
HTC One toolkit
To use this software installed on your HTC One please follow the instructions below:


  • HTC One is enabled USB Debugging mode. You can enable this mode by going to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Tick Select USB Debugging. Or follow the instructions if using android 4.2+.
  • Computer windows XP, windows 7 or windows 7.
  • Download HTC One All-in-one Toolkit on PC

Unlock Bootloader:

Select the Unlock Bootloader tool on the left pane and press Go , a menu appears with specific steps to unlock the phone. Follow the prompts and enter the correct information to unlock the boot loader for your device.

Custom Recovery Installation:

After successfully unlocking, you can install a recovery version for your phone. Tool gives you the option to install ClockWorkMod Recovery, ClockWorkMod Touch Recovery or TWRP Recovery. Select the desired recovery version and click Flash Recovery to proceed with the installation.


To root the device, first of all make sure you have Unlock Bootloader and install Recovery successfully. Select Perm Root on the Extras menu , click Run and follow the detailed instructions to proceed to Root device.

Flash Kernel

The kernel feature framework allows you to easily flash any other kernel to your phone. Note, however, that the Kernel is suitable for the HTC One and Boot.img, if it is in the form of recovery-flashable format before decompressing it.

Other features:

In addition, the toolkit also helps you perform other common tasks with the HTC One without having to do it manually:
  • Boot the phone into bootloader mode
  • Boot the phone into Recovery mode
  • Check the CID code
  • Delete Caches
  • Getvar All
  • Rebooting the Phone
  • Relocking Bootloader
  • ADB Sideload ROM
  • Install one or more applications via apk
  • Backup / restore data
  • Flash factory RUU zip (Complete factory reset)
  • Fixed Mainver Errors
  • Create Logcat.
Details of the latest features and updates are available here: XDA-Developer

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