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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Unlimited Free Mobile Recharge Take New Device Recharge Problem Solution with New Terms 100% Payment

In the past, I posted how to recharge the Blue App, but by that post, 50% of people were able to recharge and report, because of which my trainee went and I wanted to post it with solution, but you gave your own bash yourself anyway How to recharge Unlimited Blue Apps, we all know Dent I did not like the app, but the app did not like me at all because the recharge of on-off is only 20-30 minutes so I think today's app is the best in the Free Recharge app. Everyone, please read the post carefully. I promise to give them all the free recharge. And whoever has the Blue App installed, please uninstall and re-open the new app by downloading it. Wish to be 70%
First  click here and register without Referral link
If you do not pay the Blue App without the referrer link, then do not give direct link and if you register with the referrer link you will get 3 $ bonus after the first recharge.
Click on the link to follow my screenshots, you will see the following.
Select your mobile number and submit it with your Gmail ID.
Then click on the download app to download and then download it.
Select the Play Store as above.
Open the download and then you can see the following.
Next to your registered mobile number.
Then the code will be sent to your mobile phone with the code.
Then see my screenshots.
Go to the app and go to the app then see my screenshot.
I can see that in the app I said earlier here, 0.10 cents in every referee which is 8 rupees and 10 referers will give $ 1, which is 80 rupees and this app's securitity can be hacked like a dant app. If everyone requests I can post hacking.
So notice how to recharge the screenshots.
Enter the number that will be recharged and click next.
Next notice the skinsshot below.
Looked up, maybe I told you at $ 5 for $ 371 and $ 743 for 10 dollars and I will show 743 taka.

Then click on Process to checkout
After this, you can see above that 60% of the offenses in this pay-off balance, which will not come when I knock on Facebook, I will start.
Then click on Pay from balance and click on the following screenshot.
By clicking Pay 10.74 dollars, I had $ 40 yesterday, this skinshot was yesterday.
Success like above! After 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, the recharge will go to your mobile, 1 sec or less, or at least 10 minutes after the receipt will see Proof.
Email from Blue, then see the screenshot.
I have got the 743 taka recharge on Airtel number and today I have got a screenshot with power.

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