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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Turn off notifications on your android phone

Receiving too many notifications from Android apps can make users really upset. If you do not need them, disable them to avoid annoying them.
Some games regularly give out reminders about promotions, or simply urge you to come back for more. In many cases, these are messages that are of little interest to the user, and are even annoying because they are constantly appearing. 
However, turning off these notifications is quite easy without any complicated tricks. First, you need to go to Settings and select Applications to view the list of available applications. In this article, we will illustrate using the AirDroid application.
After clicking on AirDroid in the application list, the Android interface will show you information about the application, including the amount of memory occupied along with the option to turn off the application, delete data ... The thing that matters most is the Show notifications option. If you do not want the AirDroid app (or any other app) to display notifications anymore, just uncheck the tick next to this option.
Please note that this method is available for almost all applications: from downloaded applications to pre-installed applications, except for some system tweaks such as System UI System, Settings, or Android System. Also, if the notification you want to turn off is still showing up in the status bar, you can tap on this message and select App Info to go directly to the notification shortcut.

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