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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The procedure to receive calls without interrupting the applications running on Android

Sometimes when you are playing games, surfing the web ... on the smartphone is the call, this will cause you to be kicked out of the running application. This problem can be frustrating to the user. HandyCall is an effective solution to this problem.
In the process of using smartphones, many times you encounter the case of running an application, such as playing games or watching videos ... then suddenly call. At this point, the application screen on the smartphone will automatically open to replace the screen interface application that you are using.
This sometimes causes a lot of annoyance and annoyance, especially in the case of game play, incoming calls will cause you to be kicked out of the game application and when activated back to the game application, you You may have to replay the game from the beginning instead of playing from before the call to interrupt.
You will even find it annoying to have someone repeatedly make a call that keeps you from repeating your game.
HandyCall is a free and easy-to-use application designed to overcome this nuisance. Accordingly, this application will replace the default call application on the smartphone, which when the call comes in, Handy Call will only display a small dialog on the application interface is running, allowing users to Decide whether to accept or reject the call, without exiting the application as before.
With HandyCall, users will not be bothered and interrupted when a call comes in when running other applications on the smartphone.
Download and install the free app  here  (Android 4.0+ compatible).
Once installed, the application's settings interface will be displayed in full language in Vietnamese, so users can easily change the settings needed for the application to work. However, in general the default settings are enough to use.
By default, the HandyCall function will only be activated if the user is using a smartphone (running applications, such as browsing the web, playing games, reading ebooks, etc.). If the smartphone is in sleep mode (lock screen), the incoming call will still only display the default call interface on the smartphone.
After installing HandyCall, in case you are running an application on your smartphone, whenever a call comes in, the HandyCall interface will appear on the interface of the running application, allowing the user the option to reply. or reject the call.

In addition, users can also optionally hide the HandyCall interface to return to the running application interface and ignore the incoming call.
Note: In many cases when the incoming call will still display the default call interface of the smartphone. When this is the case, you wait a moment, the HandyCall interface will appear instead.

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