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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Share Trick rename Facebook account and page name unlimited times

Today I shared atrick  renamed Facebook unlimited times. I see this is a pretty and useful TUT should post for everyone to use. Normally we will have a certain number of renames within a month.
If you exceed that number, then you have to wait a very long time to redeem. But with this TUT, you will be able to change your Facebook name even after the rename. TUT is free to share at and prohibits commercial forms offline!

TUT Facebook rename unlimited

This does not require you to Fake IP at all. It is normal to do is, important is the ID card with language. We will change the Facebook language to  Kurdish (Kurmancî)  to do.
After changing the language, you will be prepared to add a duplicate ID (Identity Card) to your account. If Fake ID, then try to Fake very well, so standard because Facebook is very difficult.

Steps taken

Step 1
Sign out of the current account and then one of the two links below. Remember to log out and then be home.
Link 1 - For normal account
Link 2 - For Fanpage
Step 2
After entering the protest page, fill out the full name, email, date of birth of the account.

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