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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Protect eyes from the harmful light of mobile using 2 Eye Protector apps

Nothing is created in technology excellence Like every thing, there are both advantages and disadvantages.
Today most of us use Android Mobile. From which keen light is affected. These lights are very harmful for the eyes. This can be a great loss of eyes. Moreover, those who use more mobile have black spots under their eyes (which is currently a given topic). There are also problems in this.
So here I came with two Eye Protector apps. If you use it, you can reduce the number of brightness that is lower than the mobile. And you can save 60% of the eyes from mobile light. 
Note: I'm not saying that apps will definitely protect your eyes.
Despite having so many apps online I have saved 2 apps. These are quite usable.
So let's know about 2 apps.

Eye Protector

This is an extraordinary app in less MBA. The size of which is 1.8 MB. It has some useful features. Using which you will get good experience.
Download the app by clicking here .
Then open the Eye Protector app. With "Adjust" you can reduce your brightness wisely.

Can reduce minimum brightness. You can change the color of the screen from "Change world's color"

But using these colors will not save the eye. Rather the opposite will be the damage. 
That's why I would suggest the "Black" option. And keep the Brightness "70" or "75".

Bluelight Filter

It's also an excellent Eye Protector App. The app is only 2.9 MB It also has a light feature. Using which can reduce brightness, and get better experience in the app.
Download the app by clicking here .
Open Bluelight Filter by downloading. You can increase the "Filter Strength" wisely, increase it.

You can change the color of the screen from "Filter color". It is better not to use them. It will damage the eyes.

But I would suggest to use the black color.

Using the above two apps will be of great benefit to you. Especially for people who use mobile at night.

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