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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Open Unlimited Account on Facebook with the same number! Use Liberately Free Facebook!

We all use more than 80% of people using Facebook. We know that an account can be opened on Facebook in one number. Then, to open the account in that number, it shows an insufficient number or invalid number. But in this post, I will show you how to open an unlimited number of the same number.
We also know that if you open a new account on Facebook 15-20 days or a lot of time you can run a free Facebook.
So I will show two topics in this tutorial. 1. Open an account with the same number and 2. Play the new Facebook account for free. The two things are related to each other.
Here it is shown. 

In the number to which you want to open an unlimited account, select an ID that is already open and login or open a new account in that number. But I'll choose the first one. Because I have an idle ID.
See below and I'm in free mode. Go to "Settings & Privacy" from the bottom right. Click "Account ownership and control". Click "Deactivation and deletion". Select the "Delete account" option and click "Continue". Click "Delete Account".

Click "Continue" with the password for that ID. Click "Delete Account" again. Now the account will be scheduled for permanent deletion. Now go to and click on "Create New Account".

Note: When you delete your account from Free Mode of Facebook, then or Data Mode will run in free (Data / Money). Click "Next" with the first and last part of your name. Select your date of birth and click "Next". Click "Next" with your phone number. Select gender (female / male) and click "Next". Click "Sign Up" with a password. Then we will be writing "We're creating your account" and the account will be opened.

See, the account has been opened. Click "OK". Now press "Next" or "Skip". Now see, everything except video will be free.

In this way, new accounts were opened in the old account number. If needed, again, it will be deleted by the above rule and the new account can be opened in this number. And since the new account opens free for a month, you can also run Facebook in the same way.

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