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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Modeling Internal Links - Sharing and breaking the rank

Internal link templates, share and improve rankings Internal link templates, share and enhance rankings
Are you evaluating the importance of internal link patterns in general or internal links in particular?
From the study of SEO in the center, or self-study SEO at home by online search and join forums, group ... all know that Content is king, Backlink is queen. Then stop here. ..
Talking about backlink, backlink is an important factor in SEO, sure, the impact of backlink to SEO keyword rankings is very clear. According to the backlink definition in the article: Build BackLink Model - Advanced ranking model , the backlink is the type of link pointing to the website from another page.
Backlink is the link, Internal links is also a link, a foreign guy, a local guy, highly rated backlinks but do not attach importance to internal links right?
Using words that do not respect internal links is a bit too much, but maybe a lot of you do SEO for that backlink is all, internal links are just a small part of SEO Onpage .
This way of looking at myself is not accurate. In the process of doing SEO, I always think that: Internal links is the backlink of the website itself .

Why are Internal links important?

You know that backlink to Google to see your website is high spread, is preferred by users, which proves your content well ... So backlink is appreciated.
But you should also find that, Internal links to your website linking components together, combined with Content will help Google evaluate the site criteria such as Time onsite, page number / session, bounce rate ... The number on Google to see how attractive, content website.
Also, like the backlink, internal links share power, because the nature of the internal links is also a link. Used from the power it sounds like the internal transmission ... That is, the essence is so, just the internal that does not know what description in words.

Internal links - share and improve rankings

Note, from this section down, Internal links here is referred to as the link inside the content of the page, not to mention in the footer, menu or sidebar offline.
As an internal review, internal links are the backlink of that website, so internal links will help improve your keyword rankings.
But there is a difference with pure backlinks, with internal links that you "dare" to share between landing pages.
Backlink model - Advanced ranking model
To be easy to understand is like this: With backlink, you almost only get in one direction, from other pages on the landing page on your main website. That is your landing page only get backlink, not backlink.
But the Internal links are different, you are entitled to receive from other landing page and give it without losing much value of both. Therefore, I rated Internal links also " backlink share rank" .

Model of internal links

Through [Case study] SEO overall top 1 within 3 months , I mentioned the model of internal links . Of course, maybe you already know about Silo Link, which is the organization of internal links to a specific model to share.Pagerank Enhance the value of landing pages (Pagerank because it has been removed from the Google dictionary some years ago).
I do not use Silo link, because the nature when building internal links I rely on the backlink model, instead of using a name that is so confusing, simpler, I use the model links only.
If the internal links are not deployed systematically, it is the same as when you do SEO but backlink backlinks not back to a specific model backlink. The quality and effectiveness of this type of SEO is very poor. Therefore, you need to build your internal links model.

How to model internal links?

All links are, and are built for the purpose of improving rankings, so we will retrieve the Wheel model in the article . Backlink model, advanced ranking model to describe how to build links for tissue. This image.
I will separate the model of internal links for the article, and the model of internal links for the catalog, the product.
Model of internal links article, product
Here is the model yourself building the content (article, product) in Case Study SEO Top 1:
Link wheel model
Note that this model is only applicable to articles and products.
Simple model, like the link wheel model in the backlink. The posts point to the inner links together and point to the landing page.
Most importantly, these articles must be descriptive of the primary keyword of the landing page.
This model is to promote keyword rankings, the article will create the resonance effect and push it to the landing page. So cool!

Model for internal links

Categories, which contain the main keywords of the website. In order to implement SEO overall, you can not do it in isolation and then optimize the SEO individually for each category. You need a solution "do 1 and eat a lot".
To do so, only internal links are possible, since internal links help to share rankings.
Draw the internal links model for the category in 3D style is easy to see (3D say monumental but it is only flat):
Model for internal links
In this model, it follows the pyramid type, but each layer is associated with the circle pattern:
  • Main is the main category, according to Case Study, which will be Fishing
  • Next up, the 1-2-3-4 listings are subcategories of fishing tackle, such as horizontal hooks, fishing rods, fishing tackle ...
  • Downstairs, is a sub-category of listings 1-2-3-4 ...
The difference of this model with the backlink model, is that the arrows are two-dimensional (Except for the same category, only one way)! The categories below make up the loop and point to the above catalog to create the reverse resonance for the above catalog.
Simply be aware of this, when you use the backlink to bring power to the Main Navigation, if it holds that power for me, only each category on the top, the sub-categories themselves. When you give internal links from this category, about its sub-categories, it means that you are sharing the power you get for sub-categories, supporting them up.
The pattern of internal links, the secret of SEO for 3 months, mostly focused on the main category that all sub-categories on the top.
This model applies to the overall SEO of the website or overall keywords of a certain category. If you do keyword SEO, just give internal links one way as you build backlinks.


The purpose of this article is to model the internal links with the article. The backlink model is for you to learn and do SEO shaping your plan.
Only when shaping the direction, you can take full advantage of the resources that you have, resulting in higher SEO results.

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