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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How to post HD videos to Facebook without sacrificing quality

When you upload a photo or video to Facebook, there is a very common problem. Facebook will automatically compress your files to a lesser extent and this will reduce the quality of your files. I will guide you how to post HD video to Facebook without loss of quality.
With this simple trick, you can keep original quality when posting videos or photos. By default, Facebook will compress the file after you post it to lighten the system. They will compress your  HD into SD format  and will greatly affect the quality of the product.

How to post hd video to Facebook by computer

For businesses or companies that need to post articles promoting images or products. It is important to keep the quality of the product after posting. Therefore, I will guide how to post on the computer in advance for the above objects.
In the Facebook interface on your computer, click on the triangle icon in the upper right corner -> Settings
Continue to select the Video settings  near the bottom of the toolbar on the left.
If you re-view the video for HD, then it will be posted in HD as well

How to post HD video to Facebook with iPhone

Enter the Facebook application's settings by clicking on the three dashes below the screen.
Slide the  HD Upload to  Right for both Videos and Photos to enable HD video postings to Facebook.

How to post HD videos to Facebook for Android

The last part is Android, you should ensure your Facebook application has been updated to the latest. Similar to the iPhone app, select the three dash icons in the upper right corner.
This section is slightly different from iPhone, select the  Media and Contacts section
The last step is to swipe the right to activate the function.

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