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Sunday, July 19, 2020

How to Open a Non-Hosted Adsense Account or Upgrade from Hosted to Non-Hosted?

[Adsense] How to Open a Non-Hosted Adsense Account or Upgrade from Hosted to Non-Hosted?

In today's post, I will discuss in detail how to open a Non-Hosted Adsense Account or upgrade from Hosted to Non-Hosted

I did a post earlier about the difference between the Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense accounts. 
Yet in short, Google's own product such as YouTube, Adobe, Blogger etc. 
The adsense account used for these products is hosted account. 
And your own website,, is a website that is a non-hosted. 
It is difficult to get a non-hosted account from a hosted account. 
You can not add any website from the hosted account. You will need to update the account to non hosted.
However, you can add any non-hosting account to any website. 
So many people buy non-hosted accounts. 
Google Adsense has recently updated its privacy. Those who use Adsense account to buy, they have to be in trouble now.

So now it's better to not buy and buy now. 
However, with a lot of say, Pelém came now to the original words. Firstly, to open a non-hosted Adsense account, your web site will need to include top level domains (Ex:

If you have posted your site in English, you have to have 15-20 unique posts in 250+ wards. 
have received a non-hosted account with a total of 1200 posts of 4 300+ wards and 8,200 wards) .
Many people say that 200-300 visitors will be required on the site. Now the account will not apruvava. This is absolutely fake. I have got Adsense with 0 visitors on my site. So just look at the post.
Completely finish the site's work to apply for the Adsense. That means applying your site and after finishing other tasks, then apply.
Keep a thin slim on the site so that it is easy to navigate. Keep an eye on all the things in the site that are easy to understand.
Avoid posting copies. Your posts should not be copied to your post.
No proscribed and pirated content can be used. Such hacking tutorials, software's crack adult content etc.

If you can work with all the above rules, then getting a non-hosted account will be very easy for you. 
And if you want to update from non-hosted adsense hosted to your case and the above mentioned rules are applicable.
For this you just have to advertise with Adsense ads on your site. 
Then Google will preview your site and apply it. 

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