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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How to Manage Your Time on Facebook

Social networking is an integral part of every person's life. However, spending a lot of time on social networking sites will adversely affect your health. This is researched by researchers and Facebook has helped users manage your time on Facebook.

Features What time you are on Facebook?

The new feature helps you keep track of how long you've been using Facebook . And when you realize that you've spent too much time on Facebook, then you're planning to limit your use. This will help us to have a more balanced life between the real and the virtual. Helps you have a physically and mentally clever use of time left for exercising instead of late entering the phone.

How to use the Time feature on Facebook

  • The first step is to open the Facebook application and touch the 3 dash icon in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down a bit and select Settings and Privacy.
  • In third place is the Time feature you are on the new Facebook . Just touch it to get started.
You will be given an average time of 1 day using Facebook. The bottom line is a column chart with time data of days of the week . You touch the columns to see how long you've been using Facebook.
Pulling down half of the half will be tools to save you time when using Facebook.
  • Pre-viewer Priority: Allows you to prioritize news of your friends or group, the page is displayed first.
  • Unfollow people to hide their posts: to restrict the person's news from displaying on your new feed.
  • Reconnect with un-tracked friend.
  • Snooze Manager: Displays your friends list, group, page, and hidden.
  • The app is hidden from the message board.
Friends on Faecbook: Similar Friend functions.
Set a daily reminder:  Facebook's new feature. Allows you to set a notification when you exceed the average time for Facebook.
Notification Settings feature:
You can enable or disable notifications from Facebook. Also, you can turn off sound notification if you do not want Facebook to bother you.


Facebook usage time statistics can only be applied to different devices. If you have 2 phones, your Facebook usage time will be charged on both phones.
With the "Time you're on Facebook" feature you can master your time. Do not spend too much of your time on this social networking site. Get out of the breath and communicate with more people so life becomes colorful.

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