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Sunday, July 19, 2020

How to add Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking (Rocket) on Adsense account?

Assalamu alaiyakum how are you all hope 
you are good ..

Many people want to know inbox me how to get Google Adsense money through Adsense in Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking (Rocket)? This post is specially for them .... 
Let's go ...
You can now easily get Google Adsense money through Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking (Rocket). 
That's why you need to set up a bank account in Adsense ...
(1) Name on Bank Account: Write here: Name your name (the name of the bank account which is being dubbed) Dail Please see it * 322 # Then reply to 5 and then press 4 to 4 then you can see your name and account number all.
(2) Bank Name: will be given the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
(3) SWIFT BIC here DBBLBDDH will provide all uppercase letters.
(4) Account number It will be an important account number, your mobile number will be 12 digit account number, and many people will say that the number of mobile number is 11? The answer is: You may know that while DBBL account, an additional number with the mobile number Your total digit with that, but 12 of these 12 digits is your account number. This means 11 numbers of mobile numbers and 12 additional additional 12 digits will be given. For example: 01771 ****** 3 (I have an extra number of 3, so at the end 3) will be given this way
(5) Re-type Account Number Here again you will be given the confrim account number. 
Then it will be saved. And the primary bank saves it. 

Now Google Adsense's money goes straight into your pocket.

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