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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Google Adsense registration guide for the latest website 2018

Google Adsense registration guide for the latest website 2018

To start making money with Google Adsense , sure the first thing you need to have an account. Besides the account of others, you can also register yourself Google Adsense already.
In this article I will guide you sign up Google Adsense Content account for the most complete website.

Register Google Adsense for website

Before you start registering your Google Adsense account, you need a Google account, this one is sure to have it. If not, you only have 5 minutes to create.
Once you have a Google account you visit to proceed with the registration. At the interface of Google Adsense click on SIGN UP NOW and sign in with Google account.
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
Google Adsense will ask you to provide your blog or website and your forwarding country for them to check the quality. Once you have entered the correct information, click on  Yes, I will read and accept the agreement and select CREATE ACCOUN T.
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
Next you need to give Google Adsense the personal information included
  • Account type: Account type. Select Individual.
  • Name: Your full name.
  • Address line 1: House number, street name (hamlet / hamlet / hamlet).
  • Address line 2: District name.
  • City: If you do not have a city, enter the name of the city.
  • Province: Province.
  • Postal code: get your from google
  • Phone number: Phone number.
Once you have filled out the information (especially the phone number for the verification code), you click the SUBM IT button .
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
Next to register Google Adsense successfully, you need to put a piece of code for Google to start checking your website. The code should be preceded by a head > tag - the header ending tag of the website.
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
After you put the code on the website then tick I've pasted the code into my site and click on DONE to complete.
Finally you will receive a notice as shown below with the content is Google Adsense will review your website in 3 days or maybe longer. When it does, Google will send you an email.
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
Your job now is to wait for the results of Google, so the success rate is high then your website needs quality from content, traffic, optimization, ... If successful you will receive mail with content as below.
Sign up for Google Adsense Content
Wish you Google Adsense registration for successful website!

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