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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A tips to clear data on your Android phone

According to Google, any personal data can not be recovered if a user activates Android device encryption before performing a factory reset.
Not long ago, Avast, with its experiment on 20 Android smartphones bought from eBay, has shown that hard reset does not erase all user data on these devices as they usually think.
However, according to Google, the experiment appears to have been made on older devices running Android 3.0 or lower; And this does not reflect the security protection of the Android version being used by a large number of fans today. This is because Google has given advice to help Android users peace of mind when deciding whether to donate or sell used equipment.
According to Google, to clear all personal data, users simply need to enable device encryption before proceeding to Factory Reset. This encryption feature has been integrated by Google for Android versions for many years.
To encrypt an Android device, just go to Settings> Security and select "Encrypt phone". Of course, anyone who wants to access your personal data must enter the correct password. Once the device is encrypted, the user then simply performs Factory Reset to return the machine to its original state.
In addition to this, users also have the option of using applications that clean up personal data and prevent rescues from being available on Google Play. For example, Secure Deletion for Android ($ 2.75), Nuke My Device ($ 0.99) or two other free options, is Avast Anti-Theft and Secure Erase with iShredder 3.

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