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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

6 Mistakes in SEO that You Should Avoid

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Search engine optimization (also referred to as SEO ) is extremely important for any blog or website building campaign, therefore, SEO must be built properly. Actually SEO factors are quite complex for a variety of reasons, mainly because of Google algorithms. There are now over 200 algorithms applied by Google to determine the ranking position on search results. and they are constantly changing it to fit the situation.

Determining the level, impact and implementation of Google algorithms applied to SEO is extremely difficult, can not determine 100% of those algorithms. But here I will advise you 6 things to avoid in the SEO process in general or SEO Blogspot specifically for your blog, web site:

6 Mistakes in SEO that You Should Avoid

1. Buy links, buy backlinks

You can make purchase links, backlinks when your blog site, your website has gained popularity, is more accessible; However, there are still risks here. Paid links will sometimes be flagged for violating Google's search engine expertise. Google bots will team up with a special group at Google to look for suspicious link patterns.
Buy links, buy backlinks
Buying links, making backlinks in a short amount of time, can make Google notice an abnormality in the link. If you buy a link, pull a lot of traffic from the social network or run ads on those days, to fool search bots.

2. Chasing Pagerank

In previous years, pagerank was extremely important for the success of a website, it gives you a better ranking on the search engine and brings a lot of traffic for you. However, pagerank is not all, pagerank was just one of more than 200 criteria for ranking SEO; Note that it is only 1/200 + offline, let alone Google now officially does not update the pagerank anymore (However, Google removed it from the criteria or not, then I do not know).
Instead of chasing after a pagerank, you should focus on content analysis, and follow other Google factors.

3. Write a title that does not contain keywords

Title is an important part of SEO . Because it is so important, you should always pay attention to it during the writing process. New bloggers or webmasters often write articles with titles that describe the full content of the article, resulting in very long article titles that do not encapsulate content, keywords want SEO.
Headings do not contain keywords
For example, if you write an article titled: " What is Google Adsense? How to have Google Adsense, "then your title must target a keyword, such as" Google Adsense "or" Google Adsense "for example. But first, you should check the popularity of these keywords first, with tools such as KeyworkPlanner, check the monthly search volume to write the title for the standard. This will help you improve your rankings a lot and aim for the keywords that have many searches.

4. "Ignore" the look and feel of the viewer to focus the content

Many bloggers only focus on content development that abandoned the blog's interface, its web. You focus on content is not wrong, content is king that. But do not overlook the experience of the viewer, if your blog, your web site does not have attractive design, a few visitors will not like it (Like yourself ^ _ ^) and will be out of your site. good or not.
However, if you use too many graphics elements , images, even more flash ... will make your page load speed slower, despite the nice interface. You should balance between beautiful elements and page load speed.

5. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing
Perhaps one of the most common mistakes of SEO is keyword stuffing. If you really want more keywords that rank well, then the best way is to create your own themes for those keywords. That gives you more content to attract viewers, and avoid penalties from Google for keyword stuffing.

6. "Forgot" alt card for pictures

Google does not just search the web, but you also search for images, videos ... that shows the optimization of the image is very necessary. To optimize the image, use the Alt tag when inserting the image into the article, which will have far better results. And you should consider naming the image containing the keyword.
In addition to the above mistakes, there are quite a few other mistakes such as the general use of the description for the article, not updating the sitemap for Google, not creating custom error page 404 ... And extremely important, Poor layout, lack of visualization makes the article boring ...
Here are the mistakes that bloggers often make when SEO. Do not ignore it, to your blog, your web has a good overall for SEO and improve its many rankings on the search engines. Wish you good SEO!

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