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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5 misunderstanding about phone charger

Over the years, smartphones have taken a big leap forward in terms of battery life and advanced charging technology, making it easier to use. The Mashable Page has given users misunderstanding when charging the phone.
Using a different charger will damage the phone
Avoid buying cheap chargers, especially the charger is the right concept, however, the use of chargers of other prestigious brands do not affect the life of smartphones, tablets. Lifehacker 's survey   shows that chargers from third-party makers such as Belkin or KMS are cheaper than genuine chargers but still deliver the same quality. However, the most important is still the genuine charger, charging the line in accordance with the manufacturer's standard.
Do not use the phone while charging
After the information about the deaths caused by the use of the phone while charging, many people misunderstand this issue by investigation showed that the victims actually are using non-standard charger. Use your phone whenever you need it, even when charging as long as your charger is genuine or from a reputable brand.
Charging the phone overnight will damage the battery
Phones have advanced from smartphones to smartphones and these devices are "smart enough" to shut down when fully charged. Charging the phone overnight will not damage the battery but will cause waste of electricity and not optimal. Battery life is best if kept at 50% to 80%.
Phone can be used continuously
Phone or any electronic device needs time to "rest". An Apple expert said that in order to maximize battery life on mobile devices, users should turn off their computers when not needed, especially when sleeping. One week should turn off the phone once and the computer should discharge the battery once a month. With the Android phone, shutdown not only optimizes battery life but also frees up memory for smoother running.
Do not charge the phone when the battery is low
Many people still keep the habit of charging only when the phone has a few percent battery but this is not true. Batteries on Apple's smartphones, Samsung and many other lithium-ion devices should have very good charging and discharge life. Under normal conditions, the battery can last from 3 to 5 years. Exhausting the battery may cause the device to operate unstably, even damaging the battery.

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