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Sunday, July 19, 2020

4 important tips for freelancer and my experience

When starting any work, you should first learn about it. Being a freelancer is no exception, you will be looking for freelancers from previous people or useful tips on blogs. However, the opinions they give are applicable to you. Here are 4 tips on freelance experience you often see but sometimes not suitable for you.
Not all advice is correct.
1. Do not turn your bedroom into a workplace
This is probably the most popular advice nowadays from the experience as a freelancer on blogs. This advice is given by lighting where the bedroom is not good for your eyes. The fact that you sit on the bed and work also affects the backbone. Another important reason to work on your bed is usually to let you loose the will to work in just a few hours, so that your productivity will be affected.
However, when you begin your career in freelancing, not everyone is financially able to hire a private office. Therefore, this advice becomes useless.
To overcome this, work in the bedroom, you should sit neatly, buy a small table, put on the bed and put your laptop. After every 30 minutes, you can stand up to walk to avoid fatigue.
If you have a table in the room, place it near the window. You also use a small plant or flower to decorate your desk. Remember to work in a high aesthetic environment, help you create more.
You can fully utilize the bedroom into a workplace.
2. Do not pay low wages
Unless you are working in the office or have had a lot of field experience before becoming a freelancer. Beginners as freelancers often do not have the capacity profile, so to have this, they need customers. Therefore, working with low pay is probably the only way for beginners to get their first clients.
Accepting low-wage employment will help increase future employment opportunities.
This advice is given by them that you are underestimating your ability as well as effort. This also affects your projects later on. If you do not know how to negotiate remuneration for the following projects, you may end up earning less.
If you want to avoid low wages, show your project owner / customer your value by sending them examples of the work you did. You can find the job online, redo the request, and send it to potential customers. Being a volunteer in a non-governmental organization is also a way to enhance your profile.
3. Do not work without a contract
Working without a contract is like a disaster. This is true in many cases. However, freelance work is inherently working online. So how can you see the contract? The only desire of new freelancers is to find a job. Therefore, the contracts also fall into oblivion.
A reputable freelance website can protect a freelancer through a message system like the terms of a contract.
However, freelancers can still guarantee their interests by always sending messages through the chat system you trust, or by email. When you use your phone, remember to always capture the chat. If there are any problems occurring during the work process, you can submit them with the agreed terms of the two parties. You can also edit the text and send it to the customer with photos as soon as the two sides finish the negotiation.
4. Do not underestimate yourself
When you start freelance, you get advice not to underestimate yourself, because the potential customers that you attract will directly affect your remuneration. This is true, however, as new freelancers often do not understand how valuable they are, nor do they identify their strengths. These things only come after the freelancer has been working for a while.
Actually to be able to value yourself, it takes a lot of time and effort. You can find the total compensation for your area of ​​interest on Google, LinkedIn or on forums, blogs. Some will answer you, others will not. However, you can still generalize the price.

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