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10 interesting tips for YouTube

The online video sharing service has many useful features to make the user experience more efficient, but there are many functions that you rarely notice and explore. Find out the fun of YouTube in the following 10 tips.
1. Default setting of high quality video view
Although the majority of new shared videos currently available on YouTube are high quality from HD to Full HD or more. Internet speed is also an issue, but by default this service usually sets the auto-select mode and usually only 360p or 480p. This makes you have to re-select higher quality levels every time you watch a video.
In order to avoid high quality chores when watching YouTube, you should set the default video viewer to the best quality by going to or going to Settings> Playback on YouTube. Then select the Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size , if you want to watch HD video in full screen mode, select Always play HD on fullscreen .
2. Download YouTube Videos
There are a lot of ways to download videos from YouTube, such as add-ons, video links, browser add-ons, etc. But the easiest way to do this is to use the YouTube download site File2HD .
Just go to and enter the YouTube video link in the URL bar> select the check box. Files . This will show the link of all the video files at the quality level, just click to download. 3. Watch the main content of the video right away
Some videos have rather bland opening or ad insertions, so you should apply Wadsworth Constant scripting at the end of each video. This will save you 30% of the video to see the main content immediately. Manipulating by inserting the code: & wadsworth = 1 at the end of the video is done.
For example, the video link is Once inserted, the code will be:
4. Automatic video repetition
YouTube does not have video repeats to keep busy users listening to a favorite playlist or video. At this point, you'll need a service called to do this. This service has many interesting repeat options for users to choose from.
How to use is very simple, just insert the repeater after youtube is done. For example, the video link is , you just turn to is done.
5. Control YouTube with keyboard shortcuts
The use of shortcuts will be very convenient to use the computer in general and when using the service YouTube in particular. Try to use the keys corresponding to each function as follows:
  • Space key: Watch video and pause
  • Left / Right Arrow Keys: Fast, Slow
  • Number keys: To fast forward video at 10% level (number 1) or 50% number 5) ...
  • Key number 0: Play back the video from the beginning.
  • Tab key : Switch between the options on the video view interface.
  • Home / End key: Watch the video from the beginning (Home) or end (End).
6. Watch video at preset time
To turn on the video at the moment of the scene, use this trick.
Add segment # t = XmXs after video (where X is the number of minutes and seconds you want). For example, if you want to watch a video featuring the statue in the video at 36th, then add t = 0m36s to the end to become # t = 0m36s .
7. View your favorite tunes
This function is really fun, just go to > enter your band name, song, artist, genre and hit Disco. YouTube will select many videos of the same genre in a playlist for you to enjoy.
8. Insert YouTube share code into website To insert a personal YouTube video, blog post ... then you apply this method. Under the video has the Share option, click this button> enter the custom resolution level and copy the code and paste into the HTML editor.
9. Watch TV on YouTube
Want the YouTube view interface like TV functionality on ChromeCast? Just visit to watch YouTube TV with a beautiful and modern look.
10. Discover Easter Eggs on YouTube
The YouTube service is also a fun Easter Eggs finder. Try typing the following phrases and enjoy the excitement of this video service (the comic book interface, the mouse will move things around, the screen is smudged because the color flows from the top down ...)
  • "Use the force luke search"
  • "Beam me up Scotty"
  • "Doge meme"
  • "Do the Harlem shake"

Advice for freelancers: You will need the principles to "survive"

Do not hold hope that anyone will stand there and help you! They are all busy, and your stuck does not affect them personally. Stay steady, and stand up after failures.

If you are the type who does not want to fight the jumble of society, perhaps the world of creative industry will make you depressed and lonely. But for many people who are passionate about creative work, freedom is the desire, the opportunity to prove to the world that their ability to not just stop at a "trivial" job.
Follow four illustrious creators and succeed as freelance writers: Owen Gildersleeve , Emily Stein , Sister Arrow and Jack Sachs . From their experience, they have some great tips for freelancers, or those who are trying to get involved in freelance life.

1. Sister Arrow Painter

Be the version of yourself.

Do what you really want to do, and show the world your work . "Self-Promotion" on social networking seems like an impossible proposition. Does anyone care? There, everyone tried to advertise something. Take the time and energy to work, and then, seriously think about where there are people who will really care about the capacity and the work you create.
Is your design, whether printed, an online platform, displayed on the screen, exhibited in an exhibition, or even a workshop, ... related to the content? Take this concern to some individuals for advice. Do not worry about whether you are "boasting" yourself and your work or not. As long as you find the answer, then you will create a compelling story that gets people excited about what you do - and they will really care about it.
Learn as much as possible , gaining a solid foundation of knowledge. Learning is life. The more you read, the more you watch, the more you watch and listen, the more you will become aware of the world, and raise your social limit.
Do not forget to practice with the line . This will show you how much control you have, and help you shape your style. Creativity is a chain of nonstop action and continuity.

Financial management

Be honest with yourself about your financial ability . First of all, limit spending to the lowest level and cut off unnecessary spending. Then you should choose the right time - to invest in yourself and your skills. Unnecessary items will sometimes be valuable, but eventually, these items will spend your time and cause some economic damage. Make a reasonable loan, to own a quality assurance computer, and make sure this "friend" will not become a useless waste pile.
Buy some items and books as a gift for everyone at a fraction of your cost. Take advantage of your vacation for work, such as, doing a research study or going to a meeting at the place where you stay.
If your friends and family give you gifts such as clothes and essential supplies every day, save yourself money, buy the necessary materials, and sign up for long term courses. Or save. You will need a reserve fund in case of illness, injury or unemployment.
Record your entire spend by week. This is a very useful habit when you want to manage your finances.

Do not stop

Art, illustration, design, animation - all are periodic battlefield. Focus on your knowledge and skills.
Find out what goals you are most interested in. What makes the heart be out of control, and can not hide his excitement? Your work should revolve around such factors. After that, you will always have the motivation to do your passion.

Become a brave warrior

Facing risks and believing in yourself .
If opportunity comes, even if you completely do not meet all the requirements of the job, just grab it. Any missing skill can be reinforced. Learn through online video tutorials, and practice at any time. Look for a reliable person and ask for help or advice from them, if you are unsure.
Make yourself a whisper to yourself, to your belief in yourself, and one day, you will become wonderful. Even if things stop you, keep believing and move on. Then success will come.

2. Creator Owen Gildersleeve

There are some small tips that I always give to any student I meet during school visits and chats, most of which are based on accidental experiences and mistakes that I myself have faced. face in his career.
First and foremost is the importance of owning a website containing your work there: no one will know you or your ability unless you have something to show off to the world. Occasionally, some people will feel discouraged about their work and claim that they are not worthy of being judged. But art always has unexpected elements, and people will probably look at your work in positive terms. There is no limit.
There were things that surprised me, such as those who came to me by chance. The earliest income I earned was from the New York Times when I was a sophomore in a personal project that I put on my website. I never thought that they would care about what I did in that period.
The second thing that I want to tell is to step out and face people . It is very important to create personal relationships, not just with potential customers, but with those in your field. This will help you build a network of connections and assist you when needed, or if you are looking for an idea and need some extra spice. These relationships are really important when you leave university and finish your student life, go to a new world surrounded by colleagues and work around relationships.

3. 3D Artist - Jack Sachs

As a matter of fact, contacting the people you want to work with is very important when you start freelancing. It's not hard to find the email address of an art director, and introduce yourself - letting them see what you can do . Avoid sending mail to private accounts or over-the-air places, such as home. This can be considered an infringement of personal freedom.
I have seen a director of the film industry hunt for the company, just by looking through the inbox or rating emails. And that's really effective, even if you do not get any response, you're still in the inbox and they're still watching how you work.
As for work, I think it would be great if you maintain personal creativity alongside professionalism in the workplace. I realize one thing, art directors will feel more interested in the work you do on your own personal project, not on the client's request. This will make it easy for them to evaluate your competency and suitability for work, without involving any customer.

4. Photographer Emily Stein

Money and Creativity

After completing my college degree, I worked part-time in a photo studio and became an assistant to many different photographers, to get enough money. I think your works will play a very important role in supporting you, inspiring you or giving you some benefits. It's easy to take on a lot of work and make money, but this will take too much time, and you will not have time to improve your skills. So, I think finding the balance between making money and the job you want is very important. Choose a good one for your portfolio, and start from there.
Collaborate with people you admire . Try to create relationships with art directors, or a graphic designer doing the work you love, and learn from them.

Website interface

When designing your own website, keep it simple and "neat" , so you can update it clearly, rather than pay someone, or wait for someone to do it for you. I use the Cargo Collective platform and it is easy to practice.

Own a studio

I owned the studio as soon as I could, because I felt that nothing was more boring than having to work from home. Even if you have to share a desk with more people, or you only spend 2 -3 days a week at the studio, at least you have a place to connect with creators and people can share. the idea of ​​"crazy" together. You will not feel alone in this world, sitting at a bedside table, in pajamas at 1pm.


When I received my first freelance job, I expected to achieve some success - quickly. But when things are not as I expected, I feel that I am really a failure. This has haunted me for many years. I wish I could come back and tell myself the truth. Not all your expectations and expectations will come true. It may take years, maybe you will lose a little, constantly self-doubt or yourself, but if you really immerse yourself in work, with passion for everything you do, and no choice other. Then you will still "survive", and someday, will be recognized.
One more thing, pursue and stay active . Do not hold hope that anyone will stand there and help you! They are all busy, and your stuck does not affect them personally. Stay steady, and stand up after failures. Never give up, as choosing never to abandon your passion.

7 tips for success when doing freelance

7 lời khuyên để thành công khi làm freelance

For those who master the skills needed for business, freelancing is a viable alternative to success. According to research by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34% of the workforce in the United States are freelancers, about 14.3 million people have a second job outside the main job.
According to calculations by Professional Contractors Group, about 87% of UK graduates have switched to freelance work, with 29% saying freelance is part of their "career strategy". Another IPSE survey and the University of Kingston show that freelancers in the UK from 1.4 million in 2011 are up to 1.88 million by 2015.

Before the great benefits of freelance, many young people have chosen this path of development for the career. However, before you step into the job, keep in mind 7 helpful tips below to become a successful freelancer.

1. Focus on website

In the digital age, you can not do business without a website that is attractive and informative about the business, and helps customers reach and place orders. To get the most out of your investment, you need to invest in a good website on a variety of platforms such as a computer or a phone. In addition, give your readers useful educational information or interesting videos.

2. Diversify income sources

Freelance jobs are often quite erratic, so for a stable income stream, and to expand your business in the future, you need to diversify your client base. Finding the right niche for your niche will help you through the hard times when a source of income is exhausted. In addition, diversifying customer base also helps freelancers to gain experience in new areas.

3. Investment in marketing

Freelancer should not rely solely on the internet to connect with customers, but should actively invest in marketing for their services. Before you enter the freelance world, you need to list all the ways to reach your target audience, such as participating in commerce programs and seminars, buying pay-per-click advertising. per click), or optimize the website for search engines. Also, do not forget to take advantage of social media to connect and build existing and potential customer relationships.

4. Make friends

Freelancing means you do not have colleagues in the same office to collaborate on a daily basis. Therefore, freelancers should familiarize themselves with people who work in the same industry. If you do not know many other freelancers in the same field, join groups online. In this way, freelancers can exchange the tools and knowledge they need to work, even share jobs.

5. Minimize administrative work

Freelancers are not required to pay for time spent on administrative tasks, such as meeting scheduling, email response, invoicing, etc. But these are also tasks that can not be ignored. , so freelancers should spend one day a week doing administrative work instead of doing it several times a week.

6. Save on insurance

You also need to save for insurance and similar medical expenses to ensure your health. Freelancers can usually only buy health insurance, but people with a higher age or health problems should consider other types of insurance such as short-term disability insurance, vision. Ideally, you should create a savings account for insurance and invest enough money to be protected even if you do not have a job.

7. Set limits

Freelance is hard work, but it does not mean that you are using your own labor. Working from home makes it difficult for you to resist picking up your phone or answering emails, but that will make you spend less time with family and friends. Set aside time for work and play, by which you will launch a new day full of vitality and be ready to embark on a career.
For those who master the skills needed for business, freelancing is a viable alternative to success. According to research by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34% of the workforce in the United States are freelancers, about 14.3 million people have a second job outside the main job.

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For those who master the skills needed for business, freelancing is a viable alternative to success. According to research by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34% of the workforce in the United States are freelancers, about 14.3 million people have a second job outside the main job.

Xem nội dung đầy đủ tại:,15700022,15700124,15700149,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700237&usg=ALkJrhgxrTZoQaXehO6GTB1RldOApI8VXg

5 tips for freelance office workers

Making freelance projects alongside formal jobs can help you increase your income, but it will also make you extremely busy.
Take a moment to think about the two hurdles that most of us face in today's tough economy: inflation and joblessness. This is the reason why many people who have a full-time job but still looking for more work in the free time.
The question is, "How can we manage both formal and freelance work?" Many freelancers do not have a reasonable plan and then can not navigate the job and then go to work. They lay down, submit projects that are poorly done, or fail to complete work within the agreed timeframe.
All the above issues lead to unforeseen controversy with customers and, of course, their bad impression of you. That is why we want to share the right direction to help you manage your work effectively.

1. Time management

Although the idea of ​​becoming a freelancer seems to be very sensible and gentle, it's not an easy thing to do. If you ask any freelancers about their experiences, they will tell you that it is very difficult to schedule a good job without managing the time closely, causing things to mess up.
If you do not anticipate the time needed to complete each task, you will never know exactly when to start working on schedule. And that will continue until the next day and days later, resulting in reduced productivity and more stress for you.


What can you do?

Know which work schedules best suit you and schedule specific start and finish times as well as break times. For example, if you need some time to recharge after a tiring day, you can start working around 9pm (after a rest and recreation) and just about 3 hours of work with 5 to 10 minutes to finish the day. Absolutely adhering to the schedule will give you better control over both of your tasks.

2. Do not "surf the web" when working

Many of us spend too much time online, especially social networking sites. When working from home, you have the freedom to do what you want, whenever and for as long as you like, unlike at work you have to finish work on time as required by your boss.
Obviously, we know that surfing the web reduces productivity, but it is irresistible. And this should be improved.

What can you do?

You can try out some of the most popular anti-distraction apps today. If you are a social network addict, try the Anti-Social application that blocks most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Some other apps like Limitless, Stay Focus, Focus booster, Concentrate or LeechBlock are also useful tools for tracking progress as well as limiting distraction while working.

Do not get more work than you can do

The main reason that you get more work may be because you are looking for more income, but do not let the "greed, the body". If you get more freelance jobs than you can arrange, that can have a negative impact on your entire job, and instead of doing a lot of work, you'll just get more tired.
When taking a job, calculate it in a practical way. Keep in mind that you have everything you need to handle formal work and other responsibilities.

What can you do?

If you can only arrange 3 hours to do more every night, always consider that before you get a project that requires more time than you can manage.
Absolutely not bad sometimes say "no" to customers. If you explain that time does not allow, they will certainly understand for you. It would be better if I knew my limits.

4. Contact by Email

Sometimes, in addition to direct telephone conversations, you will also need to contact your customers via email.
Email or Instant Message are extremely convenient, fast and effective communication methods. In addition, you can review old messages in the event of a dispute or dispute. White paper is always more persuasive. "You said that" or "I promised that."
In addition, you do not have to wait until the customer is free to exchange work, especially when two people are not working in the same time zone.

What can you do?

Ask customers to email you when they have questions or need more details about an idea, or simply when they want to respond to your work.
You may also want to set up your email management habits so you do not have to spend time scrolling through the history lines to find a monthly message before you need it.

5. Work on weekends

As we go to school, class sessions, outings and other work almost occupy our entire time of the week. So the weekend is always a good time to complete the projects and assignments. Likewise, routine work often eats up your time of the week. That is why the weekend with lots of free time is always the perfect choice for freelance work.

What can you do?

Save big and demanding projects to work on weekends when you are free to work during the day (when most of us feel alert and healthy).
If you worry that you will not have time for your social relationships, you can choose between earning an extra income or having a few more hours to "communicate". The choice is yours.


Besides gaining income, freelance work also allows you to learn more skills as well as knowledge in various fields. Sure, it takes a lot of effort, time and effort to become a successful freelancer, but with the money you earn from your freelance projects, you will feel all the What I have spent is worth it.

What is the essence of Freelancer?

Making freelancers is becoming an increasingly popular trend throughout the world. In the United States, where freelancers grow most rapidly, more than 40 million workers leave their full-time job at work. What is Freelancer? - Who can do freelancer and job opportunity for freelancer Vietnam 2016?
Every freelancer is a boss of himself.
What is the essence of Freelancer
By definition, a freelancer is paid to perform tasks for project owners / clients, temporary employers for a certain period of time. They are the ones who sell their services to the highest bidder and can work for multiple tenants at the same time. 

Freelancers have two types: part-time or full-time. Unlike an employee, the freelancer is allowed to work for multiple employers at once and perform tasks in their own way, as long as the job is progressing according to the customer specifications. There are also freelancers who work for a client in the long run. They may receive special benefits from their customers or not.
Work from home - Why not?
Hiring a freelancer is one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective ways to start your own business. Many freelance job sites allow project owners to post jobs and freelancers are free to bid to complete the job.
What opportunities for Freelancer Vietnam
A common misconception is that freelancers are free or similar people. That's not right. In fact, freelancers have a lot of experience in their field, the more likely they are to ask the project owner to pay a higher price.
The boss wants to control where the work is done, when and how it is the only way to hire employees to work for them in the long run. Unlike hiring an employee, the project owner does not have to pay any of the following costs to the freelancer: income tax, health insurance, social insurance or unemployment benefits.
Hiring a freelancer is a cost effective way for businesses.
More and more businesses prefer to hire freelancers to do the work for them because it saves money and does not require a long-term commitment to the freelancer. On the freelancers side, they will meet the projector's hiring needs, and look for other freelancers to maintain their income. 

To understand what Freelancer is - See a statistic. There are nearly 80,000 freelancers working on this site with a variety of skills and professional experience. Of these, about 38,000 freelancers are involved in IT and programming , nearly 17,000 freelancers are involved in the design, graphics and about 11,000 freelancers who write and translate . In addition, there are also nearly 6,000 jobs on this website. The freelance project is posted at different sizes and properties and is worth over VND 30 billion.
Businesses can use the freelance skills available without training.
It can be said that this is a very potential source of employment for Vietnamese workers, helping them to make the most of their time, using the right expertise to find more jobs and earn more for themselves. What about you, what do you do as a freelancer and look forward to finding freelance work?

4 important tips for freelancer and my experience

When starting any work, you should first learn about it. Being a freelancer is no exception, you will be looking for freelancers from previous people or useful tips on blogs. However, the opinions they give are applicable to you. Here are 4 tips on freelance experience you often see but sometimes not suitable for you.
Not all advice is correct.
1. Do not turn your bedroom into a workplace
This is probably the most popular advice nowadays from the experience as a freelancer on blogs. This advice is given by lighting where the bedroom is not good for your eyes. The fact that you sit on the bed and work also affects the backbone. Another important reason to work on your bed is usually to let you loose the will to work in just a few hours, so that your productivity will be affected.
However, when you begin your career in freelancing, not everyone is financially able to hire a private office. Therefore, this advice becomes useless.
To overcome this, work in the bedroom, you should sit neatly, buy a small table, put on the bed and put your laptop. After every 30 minutes, you can stand up to walk to avoid fatigue.
If you have a table in the room, place it near the window. You also use a small plant or flower to decorate your desk. Remember to work in a high aesthetic environment, help you create more.
You can fully utilize the bedroom into a workplace.
2. Do not pay low wages
Unless you are working in the office or have had a lot of field experience before becoming a freelancer. Beginners as freelancers often do not have the capacity profile, so to have this, they need customers. Therefore, working with low pay is probably the only way for beginners to get their first clients.
Accepting low-wage employment will help increase future employment opportunities.
This advice is given by them that you are underestimating your ability as well as effort. This also affects your projects later on. If you do not know how to negotiate remuneration for the following projects, you may end up earning less.
If you want to avoid low wages, show your project owner / customer your value by sending them examples of the work you did. You can find the job online, redo the request, and send it to potential customers. Being a volunteer in a non-governmental organization is also a way to enhance your profile.
3. Do not work without a contract
Working without a contract is like a disaster. This is true in many cases. However, freelance work is inherently working online. So how can you see the contract? The only desire of new freelancers is to find a job. Therefore, the contracts also fall into oblivion.
A reputable freelance website can protect a freelancer through a message system like the terms of a contract.
However, freelancers can still guarantee their interests by always sending messages through the chat system you trust, or by email. When you use your phone, remember to always capture the chat. If there are any problems occurring during the work process, you can submit them with the agreed terms of the two parties. You can also edit the text and send it to the customer with photos as soon as the two sides finish the negotiation.
4. Do not underestimate yourself
When you start freelance, you get advice not to underestimate yourself, because the potential customers that you attract will directly affect your remuneration. This is true, however, as new freelancers often do not understand how valuable they are, nor do they identify their strengths. These things only come after the freelancer has been working for a while.
Actually to be able to value yourself, it takes a lot of time and effort. You can find the total compensation for your area of ​​interest on Google, LinkedIn or on forums, blogs. Some will answer you, others will not. However, you can still generalize the price.

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What is Google AdSense? And how does it work?

What is Google AdSense?  And how does it work?

What is Google AdSense?There is nothing new about this topic, but it is not clear how it works. Before writing this post, I had thought several times that I would write the post? Because everyone knows about this because Google AdSense. Even then, I started from the initial stage, because writing a few series posts about Google AdSense. We will continue to post a topic about how Google AdSense works, how it works, how to authorize, how much can be earned, etc. Hopefully those who are with us will be able to find out more about all the junkies in Google AdSense.

Google Adsense is undoubtedly at the top of any of the ways to earn money from online marketing. All bloggers want to display Google AdSense ads on their blog. Because everyone likes this because of AdSense's attractive advertising size and design. Besides, Google paid very much money from Google AdSense. Because of all this, Google AdSense is at the top of all.
  • What is Google AdSense? Everyone must know that Google AdSense is an Internet based advertising agency that Google operates itself. Google has several companies, in exchange for money, as many websites as they have advertisements show. Google AdSense advertising earns 68 percent of its earnings by paying publishers and the remaining 32 percent of the money themselves. Google AdSense generally displays advertisements in various types of text and image sizes. Per-Click and Per-Impression calculates the amount paid to the publishers in all these advertisements. About 27 percent of the money Google earns comes from Google Adsense.
  • How does Google AdSense work?There is a large section of Google AdSense and a team of developers, who are working to get it to a good position every day. Google usually collects all the information and cookies on a site first. Then display advertisements by dividing content through special podging and javascript. These advertisements give publishers the opportunity to earn two ways. For some websites, only those who pay the rate-based money by clicking the ad on the site and clicking on the ad on some websites. However, there are different ads and click rates based on the ranking of each blog / website. According to the size and type of ad, the advertisement click rate is different.
  • Why is AdSense advertising different?I have already said that the ads of Google AdSense are displayed through some special podgings, so that it is attractive to look at any site. Moreover, it will not affect the loading time of any website. When a visitor visits a blog post, Google AdSense Scripts scans all post content and displays advertisements in line with the content. Regardless of which country they are visiting the site, they also display advertisements based on that country and area. As a result, after visiting Bangladesh, Google Adsense is doing all kinds of advertising shows. When you visit a site from India Google AdSense will display a variety of advertisements in India.

What is Google AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR?

All of you have already been informed that adsense has recently announced on their official blog about Google Adsense on the website of Bangla Content. However, since all the adsense ads are not compatible with the Bengali site, many people can not be successful by applying for adsense from Bangla sites. However, soon we will hope that Google Adsense will permit Bangla on the Bangla website to crack all the stubbornness Therefore, before applying for Adsense from Bangla Website for your long-paid job, you must make the website suitable for Adsense.
The topic I am discussing today is very simple but an important issue for Adsense Publishers. Many people can not increase their earnings from their AdSense account because they do not know clearly about this simple matter. Google basically provides advertisements for adsense publishers by calculating CPC and RPM. In that case the higher the website's CPC and the higher the RPM rate, the higher the income of the website. Those three people who are heading around with this simple thing will be clear if they read this post carefully.

The main and only way to increase revenue from Google Adsense is to increase blog traffic. The more visitors who will be able to earn more from their adsense blog. Prior to discussing the key point of the post, it is a matter of fact that the basic idea of ​​our today's post is not to increase CPC and RPM, but only basic ideas about Google AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR. Later, we will share a post about CPC and RPM increase.

What is CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR?

Today we will discuss and discuss these three topics in a different way. But before that there are some other issues related to them that if you do not know or do not clearly understand your concept will not be clear.
  • Click key: Click Ads for Google adsense means click only. This page does not indicate how many pages of your website are clicked on.
  • Impression Key: This is interpreted by every page view on your blog. The author also indicates an Individual Ad View with the Page View, Ad View, on your blog Generally, Impression is of three types, namely- Page views, Page impressions, and Ad impression.
  • Km Page views Page views is implied by the number of visitors through your desired blog page ads found. Suppose your blog has a total of 3 ads on a page, but the visitor did not see all the advertisements on that page, because it was an ad downstream because it did not go above the browser. In that case, your page views will be counted as 2.
  • Page impression key Page views and Page impression are the same thing. The two meanings are almost the same type.
  • Ad impression: It calculates the number of ads displayed on each page of your blog. Suppose your blog has 3 ads in a post and the post has been visited 5 times in total. In this case, Ad impression will be calculated 3x5 = 15 which means 15 ad impressions of the desired post will be calculated.
What is Google AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR?

CTR (Click Through Rate) কি?

CTR is used to explain how many times an advertisement has been clicked on a blog or a total view of the advertisement on the website. For example - Suppose your blog page has 100 views and only 10 visitors click on Add. In that case your CTR will be 10%. If your blog's page view is 100 and 50 times advertised, your CTR will be 50%. This CTR is calculated only by the number of clicks on the viewer's view of your advertisement.

What is CPC ( Cost Per Click )?

There is no need to say anything more about Cost Per Click. Because you understand yourself what it means. The meaning of how many dollars you will pay for Adsense due to the click of your advertisement. In this case, the higher the clit rate, the greater the income. Suppose-your CPC rate is 0.03 $, in that case you get $ 0.03 per ad click.

What is Revenue Per Mile?

It is calculated by calculating how many dollars will be given per 1000 page views without clicking on a blog's ad. Suppose - your blog's advertising RPM 1.25 $, Google will pay $ 1.25 for 1000 views of your blog's ads.

Total calculation of CTR, CPC, and RPM

In the past, you have got clear ideas from the three things that how Google AdSense calculates how you pay for advertising and how your AdSense income increases and decreases. Now I will try to give clear ideas about three things by example.

Example- Think your blog gets one million pages per month and your blog's CTR 3%. That means just three out of every 100 page view ads by clicking on your blog. In this case your net CTR (total view x CTR ÷ 100) means (100000x3 ÷ 100) = 3000 times. Click on 3000 ads in your blog's 100,000 page views. If your blog's CPC rate is $ 0.03 then the total click rate (3000x0.3) = $ 90. That means 3,000 ads in one million viewers, Google will pay you $ 90.

On the other hand, if your blog's advertising RPM is 1.25 $ then you calculate the total view (total view ÷ 1000 x 1.25) that means (100000 ÷ 1000 x 1.25) = $ 125 Except for CTR, Google will pay you more than $ 125 for the ad view only. As a result, if someone receives one million views of the above mentioned blog, then he will be able to earn 90 + 125 = 215 dollars from Google Adsense.
Lastly, from the above given accounting and AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR, you understand why you are earning less than you are earning less than Google adsense or getting fewer visitors. The higher your blog CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR, the more you can earn from Adsense. Generally, CPC and RPM are less likely to be based on the content of blog content, ranking and ad position. In this case, if you target the ads of the developed countries in combination with good quality content, Adsense CPC and RPM will increase the revenue of the blog.

What is Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted acccount? What is the difference between?

Assalamu Alaikum 
There are many who are involved in Google Adsense. 
There are many who have heard of the name of Adsense. 
But many people do not know that the Adsense account is two types. 

A hosted and a non-hosted. 

First talk about Adsense hosted account.

See, this is my hosted account. 
Adsense account opened in Google's own product such as YouTube, Adobe, Blogger, etc. is the Adsense hosted account. 
It is quite easy to get this kind of Adsense Account open or aprovolal. 
Especially in the case of adobe. 
Hosted account is not a complete account. 

What is Adsense Non Hosted Account? 
Adsense non-hosted account is available on your web site through Adsense Approval. For example trikabidi
Adsense account ekti full account is hosted. 
Adsense hosted account is not as easy to get as much as available to non-hosted. 
In the next post, InshaAllah will discuss the rules for transforming the facility of non-hosted accounts and hosted account.